Project Description
LINQPad driver for LLBLGen Pro v3.5 or higher. This is the official Linqpad driver for LLBLGen Pro. Developed by Solutions Design & Jeremy Thomas.

LLBLGen Pro v3.5 or higher. See downloads for the specific download for your LLBLGen Pro version.
LINQPad build v2/4.40 or higher

Executing QuerySpec or Low-level API queries
Set the 'language' combo box in the query pane in LINQpad to 'C# Statements' or 'VB.NET statements'.
Specify the query as-is. To see results, use the Dump(); extension method by appending it to the

For Adapter, obtain the adapter from the property 'AdapterToUse'. See the example below:
// Queryspec:
var qf = new QueryFactory();
var results = this.AdapterToUse.FetchQuery(qf.Customer);
// Low level api:
var managers = new EntityCollection<ManagerEntity>();
this.AdapterToUse.FetchEntityCollection(managers, null);

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